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You are required to have successfully passed the Field Geologist (FG) exam before or concurrent with your application for the Professional Geologist (PG) licensure.  These exams may be taken concurrently.  To ensure you have met the Wyoming requirements needed to sit for an exam, please take time to verify that you have downloaded and addressed each of the following items listed below. All application requirements can be accepted through email.

Application Fees

Applying for your geologist-in-training certification (successful completion required to meet the PG application) by exam: $35.00 

Applying for professional licensure (PG) by exam: $75.00 

Applying for professional licensure (PG) by comity:  $75.00

Applying for both exams: $110.00

In order to qualify for professional licensure you must first have completed your geologist-in-training certification from any state with ASBOG certification.  However, you may apply for both exams simultaneously if all requirements are met.  The application fee for both exams is $110.00. Following requirements approval of your Wyoming application, you will receive contact from the board office notifying you that you've met all requirements to sit for the exam(s).  You will also receive further steps to register, schedule and submit payment for your computer-based testing.     

REMEMBER:  If your Wyoming PG license was earned prior to 1991 by being grandfathered, you must maintain an active license, renewing annually, to avoid losing your professional status, which will require passing the ASBOG exams to be returned to active status again.  

When applying to practice in Wyoming through reciprocity:

If you are seeking professional Wyoming licensure while you hold an active license in another state, you may apply through reciprocity (comity). The application fee for this procedure is $75.00. All of our requirements remain the same with the addition of a license verification directly from your respective board.

ASBOG FG Prep Course Introductory Video for pre-test study
Fundamentals of Geology study

You must read these documents thoroughly before completing your application.  There are different requirements required for the PG license and the GIT certification.

Return your completed application and appropriate application fee to the Board. 

A personal check, money order, or credit card is acceptable for payment of fees to:


2617 E. Lincolnway, Suite I

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

Attention: Exam Applicants

Properly completed applications, including all supporting documentation (transcripts and references and payments) must be received in the Board office via postal mail or e-mail at least ninety (90) days prior to examination dates. Please see the Important Deadline information in this website.

If the Board has not  received and approved an application by the order deadline for a specific examination date, the application will be processed for the next offered examination date.

Professional Licensure Reciprocity Agreement

The Wyoming Board of Geologists' Practice Act authorizes the WBPG to issue a Wyoming PG license by comity to an individual who holds a PG license and is in good standing under the laws of another licensing state or foreign country.  Applicants for the Wyoming license must provide their proof of licensure or registration and must meet all Wyoming licensure requirements.

To encourage licensure by reciprocity, WBPG has been working with other states to facilitate agreements that promote cooperative licensure.

Study Material

You will find the National State Boards of Geology, ASBOG, site valuable as you prepare for your exam.

See the ASBOG Candidate Handbook.



All application documents may be scanned and emailed to prof.geo@wyo.gov

Following board approval of your application, you will be contacted by email regarding the reservation of a seat for the exam(s)

Fall exam applications are currently being accepted through July 8, 2024.

The fall exams will be held October 3 and 4, 2024.


Fall exam applications are accepted through July 8, 2024.

Fall exam 2024 - October 3 and 4

Contact your Board office with questions at


Geologists make use of their special knowledge for the benefit of the public: from the obvious, e.g., exploration and development of mineral resources plus development of water resources’ to the less obvious, e.g., evaluating the stability of foundations for buildings, dams, bridges and roadways, plus many others. Few other professions affect the public more than geology, especially through collaboration with the construction and engineering professions.  A popular saying with much merit: "Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice." 

Geologists interpret, engineers design and build. Geologists investigate earth materials and processes and advise how to compensate for those conditions to assure safety. Engineers take this information, and working with geologists and others, determine how to design and build safe structures in a cost-effective manner.